5 Styles of Custom Window Treatments

Contemporary design has expanded its options when it comes to windows. There are a lot more choices when it comes to custom design of windows. You can choose fabric for draperies, type of glass, shades, awnings etc. Here is a small list of innovations you can apply to your windows.

  1. Draperies and Curtain are Trending

This is the easiest investment you could make. You just need to consult professional designers on the type and color of the fabric beforehand. This change can freshen up a room without you breaking your back to make a difference. This goes both for your personal space, as well as, your business space.

You can have your pick of fabric. If you need a flowing summery look, choose a see-through lighter fabric. If you are looking for something more sophisticated and elegant try a heavy darker fabric.

Extra tip: Make sure the color complements the rest of the area and room. Consult a professional on this issue.

  1. Roman Shades are Stylish

Finding and installing custom Roman shades can be the single most stylish thing you could do at the moment. They are appealing and practical. This is why more and more people are opting for Roman shades nowadays. Getting custom design shades will help you invest in your interior design without having to compromise your style. What is more, they are adjustable and can be easily controlled to fit your purposes. Not to mention, they will protect you from sunlight and heat.


  1. Awnings are Underrated

Custom awnings fall into the category of custom design window treatments which can give a space a brand new look. Custom awnings can give a certain space a sophisticated and a cute look. They are a practical investment because they save you money on air-conditioning. They are one of the most efficient ways to keep your space shady and cool. What is more, they don’t cost a lot of money. If you choose custom designed awning it will be a great investment for the future. Find good quality awnings so they can last a long time. Make sure the retractable mechanism will stay intact over the years.

  1. Upholstery

Though most people seem to forget this fact, upholstery is a crucial part of interior decorating. It is a safe and practical way to liven up a room. By doing re-upholstering it will seem as if you’ve got new furniture. This is especially helpful if you have good quality furniture you are not ready to change. Yet, the style has become dull and outdated. Re-u[holstering is the perfect solution for this type of issue.

  1. Blinds

Getting custom blinds is a simple innovation which can help you keep a space cool and give it an appealing look. You can have your choice of wooden or aluminum blinds. The materials need to complement the rest of the design of the space.

Extra tip: Wooden blinds usually give homier look. On the other hand, the aluminum ones are considered to be more contemporary.