How to Find Quality Native American Jewelry

Before buying Native American Jewelry one has to know the properties the jewelry possesses. Certain gemstones attract specific energy and you should get informed about their symbolism and esoteric powers. Here are some pointers and general guidelines.

Positive Stones

Amber is used for attracting positive energy and symbolizes rebirth. On the other hand, Amethyst is great for urging one’s creative flows to come out. These two can help you reach peace and happiness.

Analytic Stones

Citrine focuses on your inner battles and your inner self-saboteur. This stone will help you get disciplined and have great focus in life. The garnet is a beautiful stone which will help you sort out and strive towards reaching your goals and dreams. It is a gem for boosting your confidence.

Spiritual Stones

To reach mental stability try getting an Onyx. This is a strong stone which will urge you to keep yourself safe and present through any hardship. Lapis Lazuli is a stone which is useful for reaching your full mental capacity. This stone will help you connect with your spiritual side and expand your psyche.

Emotional Stones

black jade pendantThe two stones dealing which are best for emotional distress are Jade and the Moonstone. Jade is a stone which will help you become stronger and more stable in your emotional life while the Moonstone helps you find out what is it you want from your love life.

One of the most powerful types of Jade is the black Jade. Wearing black Jade jewelry helps you deal with fear and bad energy.

Purity Stones

Opal and Pearl are both stones which exude natural beauty and simplicity. Their goal is to help you balance your life and enjoy the simple beauty found in everyday life. The opal helps you get in touch with yourself and cleanse your mind from negative thoughts while the pearl helps you balance the positive and negative aspects of life. These two stones help you remain pure.

Energy Stones

The typically green Peridot helps you reach your physical potential. It is believed to help with your inner problems by making your outer body strong. On the other hand, the bright red Ruby will give you life energy and stimulate your creativity, focus, and determination.

Retro Effect

If you want to buy used or vintage jewelry, make sure you know where it comes from. The history of jewelry is very important as it carries a certain energy which can affect you. On the other hand, most vintage Native American jewelry has been energetically cleansed upon making so you don’t need to worry about that. If you want to be on the safe side find out who was the previous owner.

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Lucky Stones

The luckiest stone from the bunch is definitely the turquoise. This gem is believed to bring fortune to anyone who wears it and is a common gem used in Native American jewelry. Another stone believed to bring good luck is the Tiger Eye. This stone balances your needs and wishes and helps you reach your goal.