Programs & Initiatives

All art outreach programs and initiatives are part of the Center for Visual Art (CVA), a division of Metropolitan State College of Denver’s Art Department. The CVA is working to provide opportunities to students, educators and community members to experience and learn through art. By building strong community partnerships with a diverse mix of constituents, including Metro students and alumni, the business community, public schools, and private foundations it is able to provide the general public with programs that change lives.

These programs should keep young people on top of their creativity by giving them proper motivation to show their full capabilities. The state of art is easily achieved through a healthy and competitive collaboration where young minds perfect themselves through achieving the highest state of creativity. If started on time, the program could help young people learn how to express themselves, both on paper, and in real-life situations.

Art Builds Communities (ABC)

ABC provides disadvantaged youth with art workshops that offer access to memorable, interactive art experiences that expand life views and provide productive, after-school alternatives for children who would otherwise have little or no exposure to the arts.

Art Builds Communities (ABC)Partners in Art for Life (PAL): Teen Mentor Program

PAL is a program for youth that offers participants an opportunity to become role-models to younger children (ages 6-12) that participate in the Art Builds Communities (ABC) program. A limited number of youth (ages 15-19) will be selected as partners for the 2012-2013 PAL cohort. Applicants must be interested in becoming a mentor to younger children and should be passionate about pursuing a future in art.

Working for the Center for Visual Arts (CVA) has taught me the important role that art plays within a community.  Many think that the value society places on art has become lost, but every day that I work for the CVA I am reminded that it is the foundation to our community and communities around the world.

 ABC programThe ABC program does an excellent job of providing safe, and creative environments for kids to experience the art process. Working as a PAL in the program taught me about how important it is to help kids have this kind of experiences. I was able to watch students gain confidence, inspiration, and relationships by being in control of their own creativity.

Working here at the Center for Visual Arts (CVA), I have learned of new ways to find art in my community. I am attending Metro and plan on graduating with a degree in the medical field. This internship has given me the opportunity to attain more social skills, art education, and projects for the community’s children.

Art Explorations: Student Tours & Workshops

AE, is the CVA’s tour program and is designed to enrich the lives and education of students (K-12). Tours are scheduled during the school day and are led by CVA staff. The tours are designed to provide basic art vocabulary and emphasize aesthetic concepts.

Community Art Project (CAP)

CAP, a neighbourhood partnership initiative that brings together a diverse array of civic organizations working together to promote new ways of seeing through art.