The Art of Clothing in 2018

Clothing should seriously be considered as an art form since it expresses ideas in an aesthetic and provocative way. People make statements with outfits and express themselves as individuals through different looks.

In the 21st century, fashion has reached its pinnacle mostly because of the variety of styles it has harbored. This makes way for fashion trends to evolve and blend in order to make the perfect looks and trends. Some of the upcoming stylish trends have to do with retro styles and mixtures of different fashion eras.


We can make a clear distinction between the color palettes used nowadays. One is the matte colors palette which has become fairly popular in the last decade and the other is the up and coming trend of metallic shades. Both are exciting and fresh. However, matte colors are mostly used for elegant pieces for a more sophisticated look while the metallic shades are used for provocative clubbing outfits. Both are great and inspiring though they obviously serve different purposes.

Combining Styles

Fashion trends are becoming more and more reminiscent of the 20th century decades. Today, the combination of different eras in aesthetic clothing is more prominent than ever. Designers combine fashion trends to make exceptional pieces and subversive statements in their clothing lines.

Even if we’re not talking about designer pieces all department stores seem to have had a time machine. You can use some blasts from the past to complete or broaden your aesthetic. Think about these trends and try to obtain different elements for your closet.

Remember, the sixties color palette is back, the seventies bell bottom pants are in, and chokers are more trendy now than they were in the nineties. Even if you put these three together you’ll have an amazing look. You can’t go wrong by blending some timeless trends.



The Retroness of it All

Fashion trends always come back but they are not always revisited in a good manner. Some retro trends should have stayed in the past – like low cut jeans. Luckily for us, these have stayed in their era the early 2000s.

Some of the favorite modern comebacks have to be deep cut trousers and bell bottom jeans. Exuding the famous 70s look this trend is romantic and nostalgic. Not to mention practical! Low cut jeans are fairly uncomfortable and seem tacky at times. Today you can count on one simple rule: The higher the waistline – the trendier you look.

Sporty Looks

Sportswear has made a life-changing comeback. Everything is welcome from sneakers, tracksuits to polo shirts and huge hoodies. This trend is seemingly here to stay. Again, a new way to wear it is in combination with elegant pieces. More women are seen wearing sweatpants with high-heels and it’s mind-blowingly good. What is more, girls combine girly and dainty dresses with a pair of sneakers and a sports hat. They put on a choker and it looks super-trendy. If we keep on combining different styles like this who knows what the fashion world will look like in the next couple of years.